Glass for Aesop

For the Aesop stores we worked on organic and anthropomorphic shapes with weight and presence to promote the interior.
The resulting objects appear in different shades to assimilate into the warmth and restraint mood of every single store. The Objects are specially made for each store, they are all hand blown.

Glass in stores

Kopenhagen | Denmark

Antverp | Belgium

Sydney | Australia

Melbourne, Fitzroy | Australia

Vienna | Austria

Auckland | New Zealand

Tokyo | Japan

Toulouse | France

Paris | France

London | Great Britain

Düsseldorf | Germany

photo | Aesop

           Nacasa & Partners | Tokyo

           Blanc Emmanuelle | CPH

We make objects and interior. Our objects include furniture, accessories and contemporary collectible design pieces. Vogel Studio works with global brands or with private individuals on bespoke projects or on free projects.


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